Dog people have the floor: Feedback on DogShower 

“I tried out the @hansgrohe_dogshower after our mission “Dirty Dog.” So much easier for washing thick, long fur! The bristles are really good for rinsing and brushing out dirt and foam. I can say in my opinion that the dog shower is so much more pleasant.”   

“We were able to test the shower spray from @hansgrohe_dogshower and we are so excited! The nozzles help get the coat completely wet quickly. Washing the dog has never been easier with the DogShower! Even my husband is thrilled and was amazed at how quickly Laila's thick coat was wet and how well we could “brush out” the shampoo! We definitely recommend the DogShower!” 

“I couldn’t be more thrilled. Yuki has such thick fur, our normal shower head is too weak for it. I always had shampoo left over in his coat. The mono spray is perfect for cleaning the face or pads. For the rest of his body, I used the complete nozzle sprays. It was super easy to get the shampoo out of his coat. I am really happy with it, baths are so much easier now. By the way, the shower head is also totally easy to assemble and took less than a minute to install.” 

“With the special shower head, you can get dense undercoats wet in no time thanks to the long silicone nozzles.”

"The shower spray from @hansgrohe_dogshower simplifies dog washing enormously. It was specially developed for this purpose and helps thoroughly rinse not just mud, but also the shampoo from the coat. It’s wonderfully easy to operate with one hand, so you can switch between three spray modes and hold your dog with the other hand.”