DogShower Installation


What do I need to install Hansgrohe DogShower?

Where and how can hansgrohe DogShower be installed?

You can install hansgrohe DogShower in your shower or bathtub. To do this, you simply have to replace your existing shower with hansgrohe DogShower. Either unscrew your normal shower and the hansgrohe DogShower shower on the existing shower hose, or use the included quick connector as an adapter so that you can switch between your regular shower and the hansgrohe DogShower with just one click. If you want to install Hansgrohe DogShower in your garden, read on below.

Can I connect the hansgrohe DogShower to a garden hose?

Yes, if you would like to use the DogShower outdoors, be sure to purchase the Deluxe model which includes the necessary adaptor.

Installation will depend on the current setup of the shower to be used.  Below are examples of common installations and recommend dogshower solutions.

Showers with existing handheld showers

Showers that already have a handheld shower configuration may be good candidates for the Essential Installation Set provided the hose is long enough to reach the pet comfortably on the shower floor.  



Shower and bath configurations without existing handheld showers

Showers without an existing handheld shower and hose will need the Deluxe Dogshower set to complete installation.  The Deluxe set includes a diverter which mounts in line with an existing shower arm and shower head, plus a shower hose and additional adaptors.  This configuration allows for the main shower head to function as normal with the ability to easily divert water to the hose outlet.

Example of shower and bath tub configuration suitable for the Deluxe Dogshower Set. 
Example of shower configuration suitable for the Deluxe Dogshower Set


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