Common Questions and Answers

Is the hansgrohe DogShower suitable for my dog?

hansgrohe DogShower can generally be used for every dog. Regardless of the dog breed, you should make sure that the brush knobs do not get caught in the dog's fur when using it. If your dog has a very long coat, you should be particularly gentle with the brush or wash your dog without using the brush.

Is hansgrohe DogShower also suitable for short / long fur?

hansgrohe DogShower can be used for any coat length. With long or matted dog hair, however, you should be particularly careful and make sure that the dog's hair does not get caught in the brush. Alternatively, you can simply wash your dog on the fur without using the brush.

My dog ​​is losing a lot of fur. Is hansgrohe DogShower the solution?

hansgrohe DogShower is not a substitute for regular grooming with a brush / undercoat comb, but an additional care benefit while washing your dog, which helps you brush out loose fur. If your dog is losing a lot of fur, it's best to ask your veterinarian for advice.

Can I rinse my dog's undercoat with the hansgrohe DogShower?

Thanks to the hansgrohe DogShower's water-bearing brush, your dog's coat will reliably get wet even with a thick undercoat. During washing, part of the fur, including the undercoat, is usually brushed off. If your dog has a lot of undercoat, after washing and drying your dog, using an brush may help.

Can I also use hansgrohe DogShower if my dog ​​does not have an undercoat?

Yes. The hansgrohe DogShower can be used for all dogs - but it can be particularly helpful to owners of dogs with a lot of undercoat.

Can hansgrohe DogShower also untangle felted fur?

hansgrohe DogShower is not suitable for this, as the brush can then get caught in the fur. Instead, we recommend a visit to the dog groomer who can help you untangle your darling.

Is washing with hansgrohe DogShower pleasant for the dog?

If your dog likes getting washed your dog will love it all the more with hansgrohe DogShower. If your dog doesn't like wash day, that might change with the hansgrohe DogShower. Nevertheless, washing with hansgrohe DogShower is a more pleasant experience for your dog than with a conventional shower head or a garden hose. The brushing creates a familiar feeling that most dogs love, and the stroking movement (front to back and top to bottom) gives your darling extra peace of mind. The selected jet types are extra gentle and quiet.

Do the brush-like knobs cause my dog ​​pain?

No - the knobs are specially rounded at the front and have a soft consistency (silicone). Brushing is therefore comfortable for your dog. You should still be careful not to apply too much pressure while brushing.

Can I also wash sensitive areas on my dog ​​with the hansgrohe DogShower? e.g. head, paws, bottom...

Yes, we have integrated a gentle mono jet into the hansgrohe DogShower for this purpose: the soft and focused jet is perfect for washing sensitive areas such as the face, paws and buttocks. 



Where and how can hansgrohe DogShower be installed?

You can install hansgrohe DogShower in your shower or bathtub. To do this, you simply have to replace your existing shower with hansgrohe DogShower. Either unscrew your normal shower and the hansgrohe DogShower shower on the existing shower hose, or use the included quick connector as an adapter so that you can switch between your regular shower and the hansgrohe DogShower with just one click. If you want to install Hansgrohe DogShower in your garden, read on below.

Can I connect the hansgrohe DogShower to a garden hose?

Yes, if you would like to use the DogShower outdoors, be sure to purchase the Deluxe model which includes the necessary adaptor.

General Use

Can hansgrohe DogShower be used with any shampoo?
Yes, but you should make sure that you use suitable dog shampoo.
How often should I wash my dog ​​with the hansgrohe DogShower?
That depends on the breed of dog as well as the coat and skin characteristics of your dog, so no general statement can be made. If you are unsure, you can ask a groomer or veterinarian.
What usage time is recommended?
There is no general recommendation as to the length of time it takes to wash your dog. It depends on your dog's characteristics and how dirty it is. Washing your dog with the hansgrohe DogShower shouldn't take longer than washing without the hansgrohe DogShower.
In which direction should I brush with the shower head?
Wash your dog with the brush direction front to back and top to bottom. These movements will calm your dog down. Be careful with circular brush movements that can accidentally knot the fur and are more likely to stimulate your dog. 
Can I also use the hansgrohe DogShower to care for other animals?
hansgrohe DogShower was specially developed for dogs. It is best to discuss the use of hansgrohe DogShower for other animals with a veterinarian beforehand.
What do I have to consider when using hansgrohe DogShower?
hansgrohe DogShower does not control the water temperature, so you are responsible for ensuring that it is comfortable for your dog (not warmer than lukewarm). You should also make sure that the dog's fur does not become tangled in the brush.

Product features

Which spray types does hansgrohe DogShower offer and what can they be used for?

There are three jet types with the hansgrohe DogShower. The soft and focused mono jet is best for cleaning sensitive areas of the body such as the face, bottom and paws. A full-body jet (over the entire length of the brush) and a leg jet (over the front rows of brushes) also emerge from the brush; these are suitable for washing the rest of the dog's body and the more heavily soiled areas. If you need more water pressure, you can increase the flow rate using the "Water Boost" button. 

How big is the hansgrohe DogShower brush?

 The brush is about 13 x 5 cm. 

Does the pressure switch ("Boost") have to be held while washing?

No, the pressure switch does not have to be held while washing, unless you want to achieve more flow and thus water pressure (e.g. for very dirty areas). But water always flows, regardless of whether it is pressed or not.

Which product variants are there?

hansgrohe DogShower is available in the following different colors matte white, matte black, soft pink and sky blue.

How long are the nozzles?

The knobs are about 1.5 cm long, so they work well as a brush.

What material is the shower made of?

The shower itself is made of ABS plastic, the jet mat is made of silicone. Both are harmless to your health and that of your dog. 


Does the dog's hair get stuck in the shower?

Depending on the breed of dog, dog hair may remain in the brush after washing. The best thing to do is to simply remove it by hand, as with a standard brush.

Can hansgrohe DogShower calcify?

Like any other shower head, the hansgrohe DogShower can build up limescale, so it has to be properly cared for. It is best to let the hansgrohe DogShower dry properly after each use and to clean the knobs' exits every now and then.

How do I have to clean hansgrohe DogShower?

It is best to remove the dog hair left behind after each washing process and let the shower head dry well. You should also clean the knob outlets every now and then by rubbing over the knobs.