Properly Caring For Puppies

Why is proper grooming important for puppies?

A beautiful and lovable dog can develop from a well-groomed and well-behaved puppy. In addition to proper nutrition, various factors such as fur, paw, mouth, eye and claw care play an essential role in the supply. How much care a puppy ultimately needs depends heavily on the breed. For example, if they have slightly longer hair, they need more intensive grooming than puppies with short hair.

When it comes to caring for a puppy, questions such as “when can you bathe puppies for the first time?” Or “how often can you bathe puppies?” Often arise on the subject of bathing . Various aspects should be taken into account so that the young animals are not harmed when they are groomed with water and dog shampoo. When asked when to bathe for the first time, the rule of thumb is that baby dogs should not be bathed or showered before they are three months old, in order not to endanger or over-stimulate the skin's natural protective function. Instead, it makes more sense to use a normal dog brush, which can effectively remove dirt particles and vermin from the relatively fine coat.

What tools are needed for a dog shower?
To ensure that the first dog shower is not the last and that your four-legged friends are not frightened, a few necessary instruments and useful tips can help to make the shower process as easy as possible.

  • set the correct temperature for the dog
  • non-slip pad place
  • Use the appropriate type of shampoo for the breed of dog in question
  • pleasant and quiet atmosphere provide

How often should one bathe puppies?
The easiest thing to remember is that a puppy should be bathed as often as necessary but as infrequently as possible . Because although water and shampoo help against dirt, too much of it can impair the protective functions of skin and fur. In addition, animals usually recognize their family members from one another by means of their own smells , which are no longer so easily identifiable if they are washed too often . In general, dogs should therefore be bathed a maximum of once every two weeks.

What do you have to consider when bathing puppies?

So that the puppies are not frightened of the   shower, it can be helpful to simplify the procedure for humans and dogs with simple means and manipulations. For example, it can help to make the bathroom pleasant and stress-free by placing a non-slip rubber mat on the bottom of the tub, so that dogs get the feeling of stability and security.

What you should pay particular attention to is the type of dog shampoo , because not all of them can be used universally. It is also very important that the shampoo is washed out of the coat well in order to completely remove residues.

Incorrect showering can also lead to uncertainty or, worse, to injuries . Since the ear and eye areas are among the most sensitive areas, young animals should be showered with caution, especially here. A dog shower head  with different jet types for the different sensitive areas can be very useful and advantageous .

After the shower, care should be taken to use a clean towel , because like humans, dogs can catch colds too. In summer, the fur can be largely dried with a towel and then dry completely in the sun, for example. However, especially in winter, it is absolutely mandatory to dry puppies thoroughly with a clean towel and to keep them warm afterwards.

Just as people want their showering procedure to be as pleasant as possible, fur noses also like it best when the shower is stress-free. With a few simple means and rules, the dog shower can be a great and maybe even fun experience for both dog and person.